Love symbolizes affection, care, and selfless generosity. Thus, it is an emotion so pure yet magical that it deserves a token to be celebrated with. Romantic love, a feeling one share with their better half or soulmate, craves a keepsake or a mark of expression. How better than exchanging and cherishing your love with a set of couple rings on your wedding day?

Lab Diamond Couple Rings at Friendly Diamonds

Friendly Diamonds believes in the expression of love. They believe in materializing this love on your big day with dainty little commitment symbols, also known as couple rings or wedding bands for newlyweds. This online store has its strong suit for providing glamorous and elegant jewelry crafted using eco-friendly, sustainable lab-grown diamonds. 

Interestingly, lab-grown diamonds have a quality of sustainability, and they hold an eco-friendly essence that the Friendly Diamonds brand proudly flaunts. Hence, this brand makes for the best pick if you're looking for couple rings with your loved one.

In addition, the aspect of the lab-grown diamonds being environmentally friendly is a perk you can enjoy. Just like love is precious and caring, Friendly Diamonds, too, has an approach of care rooted in their belief in conserving the environment by creating sustainable lab diamond jewelry that leaves a far lesser carbon footprint on the planet. 

Compared to mined diamonds, lab diamonds are much more eco-friendly. Hence they make for the perfect option when sharing your affection with the love of your life, with ever gleaming couple rings.

Couple rings are also an ideal modern representation of affection that can be handcrafted as desired, with the fascinating concept of "Create Your Own" rings. With this feature, Friendly Diamonds lets you choose a ring setting, pick a lab diamond shape, and complete your ring with an inscription on the inside, making the couple rings your very own. 

Nevertheless, some of the in-house couple rings are timeless and will astound you with their bold glimmer and vintage yet modern sheen. Here is a look at some couple rings available at Friendly Diamonds.

Eternal Love Couple Rings

The 'Eternal Love Couple Rings' represents two souls coming together as one. These couple rings feature a flat band for men and a beautiful diamond studded band for women. They're the perfect sparkle when looking for rings with a modern and sleek look.

Everlasting Love Couple Rings

The 'Everlasting Love Couple Rings' are a depiction of undying love. Both rings have sleek bands that taper towards the center point to form a bow silhouette. The men's band is thick with a matte finish look, and the women's band is more slender, showcasing feminine elegance with pave set diamonds.  

Beau Couple Rings

The 'Beau Couple Rings' are a pair of flat bands that resonate with simplicity and grace. The men's band is elegant, and so is the women's, with just an added glitter and sparkle of pave set diamonds running along the metal's flat surface.

Amour Couple Rings

The Amour Couple Rings' are two-tone bands signifying the bonds of togetherness. The men's ring has two metals that split graciously with a groove in the center, creating a handsome look. The women's band has sparkling pave set diamonds trailing halfway around the band, giving it a radiant and beautiful look.